The Pastoral Team was formed after the appointment of our current Pastor. The workload is shared amongst each person with everybody having responsibility for their area. The team is headed by the Pastor who oversees the whole ministry.

The ministry has been able to keep moving forward without the whole workload being on any one person and as such has seen others grow in confidence and hidden talents come to the fore.

We are grateful for the insight God has given our Pastor to see these talents and gifts and push them to the forefront.

All are welcome to join us in our services. We believe that God loves us all and we are known by our fruits and nothing else.

Our Pastoral Team

To Love. To Lead. To Live.

Below is a short synopsis of each of the Pastoral team members.

Each person brings a wealth of experience to the ministry.

We thank God for the work and commitment of this team.

Our Leaders

Senior Pastor: Nathan J Simmonds - married to Clovette for over 33 years.

Nathan is an accomplished musician and choir director. Known mostly for his musical talents, Nathan has moved to the forefront of teaching and presenting the Word of God and mentoring many people.

Pastor is one of the founding member of ICGC which he founded in 2009. He has continued as its leader to this day ministering across the county and beyond.

Our Pastor is an Executive Board member of our national organisation. Although he has many responsibilities he continues to lead by example with his commitment and energy.

Pastor: Clovette A Simmonds is the wife of our Pastor and has a wide range of skills that she brings to the ministry. Mother of 5 children and grandmother to 1.

Within the ministry Clovette has set up the Hospitality team, is a Sunday School teacher and periodically leads Praise and Worship.

She enjoys reading, drama, singing and socialising with friends.

Clovette is part of the ICGC Choir which was formed in 2009 and has become an integral part of the local community.

She also works in the local community in various roles including as a governor at a local school.


Nathan J Simmonds

Assistant Pastor

Clovette A Simmonds

Pastor: Christine moved to Ipswich from London in 1986 and has been part of the Bethel Ipswich church family every since. She has 2 sons with the youngest currently at university.

Her role as Pastor’s Aide is a busy and very active one behind the scenes of Church life.

It can be hard work, on occasion, but on the whole Christine enjoys being able to serve the Church and God in this way.

Her other role is dealing with all church administration and includes the role of organising social events, which helps to develop a culture of fellowship and a good church community alongside all the other areas of ministry.

Assistant Pastor

Christine D Knight